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  Input Data:
  Information Required:  
  Your Name  
  Property Sold/To Be Sold  
  Are you married?  
  Do you own the property jointly     
  (If yes, a 50:50 split is assumed)    
  Owned with anyone else?  
  If Y, what proportion do you own? %
  Sale Proceeds/Anticipated Sale Proceeds (total)  
  Disposal Costs, eg legal & estate agent fees  
  Disposal Date enter DD/MM/YY  
  Purchase Cost  
  Incidental costs of acquisition eg legal fees, stamp duty etc  
  Date of Purchase, enter DD/MM/YY  
  Have you made any capital improvements to the    
  If Y ….    
  Date of Expenditure  DD/MM/YY  
  Have you made any more capital improvements?  
  If Y …..    
  Date of Expenditure  DD/MM/YY  
  Has this property ever been your only or    
  main residence during your ownership?  
  From   DD/MM/YY  
  To  DD/MM/YY  
  Have you ever let all or part of the property out as    
  private residential accommodation?  
  If Y    
  What proportion of the property as a percentage? 1 to 100 %
  From (start of first letting) DD/MM/YY  
  To (end of final letting) DD/MM/YY  
  Have you ever used any part of the property exclusively for business    
  If Y…..    
  What proportion of the property as a % ? %
  From   DD/MM/YY  
  To  DD/MM/YY  
  Was this at the same time as you were also letting out another part of the property?  
  Has the property been used for any    
  other purpose during your ownership?  
  (if it was merely vacant during other periods, please answer N)    
  From  DD/MM/YY  
  To  DD/MM/YY  
  Was the property ever left vacant for a period exceeding three months during the  
  letting period described above? (do not include any periods you have already covered above  
  The following question is only relevant for disposals made after 5th April 2008    
  and also only relevant if the property has been used for business purposes    
  Value of gains (if any) taxed at 'entrepreneurs rate' 10% (max £1 million)  
  Value of spouses gains (if any)taxed at 'entrepreneurs rate' 10% (max £1 million)  
  The following questions are only relevant for disposals made before 6th April 2008  
  Your approximate annual income  
  If joint, your spouse's approximate annual income  
  Why is this relevant? - It affects the rate of tax on your gain.  
  Your other gains during the same tax year as the disposal  
  If joint, your spouse's other gains during the same tax year